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Hi! I'm Coach Jennifer.  I began my health journey in 2019 when I got tired of being tired of having no energy from the start of my day to the end.  I was always sick with headaches, sinus infections, and an upset stomach.  Sometimes I even had to miss work because I didn’t feel well.  
For five years, I was in and out of doctors' offices trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  Most of the time the doctors gave me medications to treat my symptoms but were not able to tell me what was causing my problems.   In the meantime, I was getting older, more fatigued, fatter, losing range of motion, experiencing more aches and pains, and extremely stressed out.   
Finally, I decided to enroll in a health coaching program hoping to be able to take better care of myself and feel better.
By the time I was two months into the program,  I discovered that there was a direct connection between food and allergies, inflammation, diseases, and weight gain.   From that moment, I decided to make it my new mission to coach myself and others to health.  
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What I Specialize In

Reset Your Digestion System

Establish Better Eating Habits

Adopt A Healthier 


Set Achievable Health Goals

Create A Personalized Nutrition Plan

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

I found the 90-Day Transformation program was personalized just for you. It evaluates your lifestyle and addresses all issues and/or obstacles that would hinder your success while providing solutions that are attainable.  Jennifer Marshall was an excellent health coach.  She was very positive and encouraging. I was so satisfied with my experience that I convinced my husband to work with her as well and we both signed up for the 14-Day Cleanse.

- Racine Williams

Jennifer's tips and practices during the 90-Day Weight-Loss Transformational program helped me change how I thought about certain foods and enhanced my journey. I also liked the use of Zoom for our one-on-one weekly meetings.  It was very good to keep me focused during the meeting. Also, while doing the 90-Day program I also did the 14-Day Cleanse.  And I liked the private Facebook group Jennifer created for the detox.  It created additional support for everyone during the 14 days.

- Cherisse Mungal

Jenn, I learned some good habits during the cleanse. I am staying off bread, excess sugar, and bag foods.  Still haven't needed my daily cup of coffee since the cleanse, which is pretty good!

- Aaron Marshall

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